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Chrysalis Angel
Becoming an Angel is the work of humans.


Chrysalis' year begins the first Sunday after Labor Day in September. Services are held each Sunday at 10AM to 12 Noon. There will be no services held during August 2014. First meeting in the fall will be September 7, 2014.

Sunday Services from 10 am to 11:30 am each week
805 Mercer's Fernery Road
DeLand, FL (the white 2 story farm house)
Pastor - Skuli Thorhallsson

For more information or counseling phone (386) 478-9201

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Chrysalis Spiritual Center is a Swedenborg based congregation that studies non-deno
minational topics based on the value of certain writings and speech to society as a whole. Services are frequently presented by guest speakers. No denomination is excluded from meeting with us. We welcome all religions, ages, genders and beliefs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All You Need To Know

Joy Sagar

Search Joy Sagar on Facebook for more information about Mr. Sagar.

Joy Sagar, psychic medium, will be the guest speaker at the September 7, 2014 service at Chrysalis Spiritual Center.

What we need is not to “know” the truth but to experience it
~C.G. Jung~

From the website of Ursula K. Guinn

All the Knowledge you need is inside of You.
It takes a proper series of Questions and the Correct Answers to access them.
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.
It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.
Hmmm, virtues.
There are:
Seven Virtues/Seven Sins.
Learn from your Sin.
Understand your Virtues.
The beginnings of balance through correct harmony, both inner, and outer.

1) Humility
2) Pride
3) Patience
4) Wrath
5) Temperance
6) Gluttony
7) Kindness
8) Envy
9) Charity
10) Greed
11) Chastity
12) Lust
13) Diligence
14) Sloth
Hmmm,, 14 in total. I love 14, goes well with 11. ;)
Odd Numbers  (+) Positive
Even Numbers (-) Negative
Positive and Negative are attracted to each other.
Perhaps, there are 14 Dimensions/Multi Universe
Each Dimension/M.U representing a Chakra Ego Lifeline (C.E.L.)
What if each Lifeline is happening now. Time exist for our Body but not our Mind
Each C.E.L. is a past life living and learning that Sin or Virtue
Each one representing either a positive or a negative aspect of the Ego.

What if, You really could heal your past?
Wouldn't that be an amazing yesterday? :)
I might not have the answer yet to that question,but i can give you a hint, about what you can do today, that might heal your tomorrow.

When ‘Wants’ outweigh ‘Needs”
There is Unbalance.
When ‘Needs’ outweigh ‘Wants’
There is Unbalance.
By Balancing your ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’
You create Harmony.
Harmony is what allows us to remain balanced,
and with/in the proper flow of all that is natural.
And this is a very good thing for your tomorrow.
All of them.  :)

OR , you can continue on the path you have been told is the path which you chose for yourself, by those who you allow to think for you.
By those who tell you what it is that YOU are feeling
By those who not only asked you the questions, but also supplied you with their easy answers,,,,,
By those who create within your mind, body and soul,,, a cloned version of their own vain and twisted fantasies.
Were you born you, or some body else?
And were they born you?
Did the heavenly father mistakenly count the hairs on their head as your own????

Fantasy is not antirational, but pararational; not realistic but surrealistic, a heightening of reality. In Freud’s terminology, it employs primary not secondary process thinking. It employs archetypes which, as Jung warned us, are dangerous things. Fantasy is nearer to poetry, to mysticism, and to insanity than naturalistic fiction is. It is a wilderness.
~Ursula K. Le Guin ~

Chrysalis still needs members to help with our summer clean-up. Call Barry Colley or email him and ask what would be a good time. Then, call at least one other member to meet with you there. You might want to bring cleaning supplies. We needs lots of Liquid Gold for the walls. Get a list from Barry. 
On a sad note: thieves have been at work again and burglarized the Chrysalis Sanctuary and the private apartment of Lois and Barry. We would appreciate the gift of a video surveillance system and perhaps a motion detector. Barry has already changed locks and installed an impenetrable door at his own expense. I am asking for imaging of a strong barrier of positive white light around the Chrysalis Center and love strengthening the safety of the interior and exterior. May the natural order and balance bring peace to the surroundings.
August 5, 2014
Blogger -- Nan Sherrill

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Take the thought "God Loves Me." and think the words over and over continually for a few days, trying to realize that they are true, and see what the effect will be on your body and circumstances.

From Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady a Unity Classic Library Series

Thank you to Saundra Emerson for the vivid graphic design.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guest Speaker To Talk To Chrysalis

This Sunday, July 20th, we welcome a guest speaker, Rev. Phil DeLong. Your attendance is important as we embrace new speakers, new leadership and a renewed direction for our group.

Below is a pesonal message from Dr. Phil DeLong to members of Chrysalis Spiritual Center.

This message is provided by Saundra Emerson of Bamboo Arts. Thanks to Saundra for her efforts in securing Dr. DeLong to speak. 

Refreshments and coffee will be served. Old and new members please attend as a show of support for your church.

I AM Reverend Dr. Phil, an ordained minister, healer, teacher, and spiritual counselor through the International Association of Metaphysics. I am an ordained minister through the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship, and also received my Doctor of Ministry degree from Lively Stones Fellowship.

I AM  a Psychic Medium and Mystic. Through my Guides, I use my psychic gifts to connect to spirit to bring through your loved ones and guides for the messages you need. I have made an effort to integrate the expressed intelligence of many who carry the torch of truth. I embrace the expression of gratitude for the Light I have been granted, and to share my gifts for the service of others. Embracing Hope, it is the one Truth that acknowledges the validity of all predictions is in the hands of those who are willing to make change, and use their Free Will accordingly. I have been attuned to crystals and Metaphysics since early childhood, and have had a near-death experience. This experience has brought me to the arms of Spirit in the Angelic Realm, and has guided my path. I see the world through different eyes.

I AM a Crystal Skull caretaker, and work with the Crystal Skull energies for healing and divine communication. I have a strong tie to the mineral kingdom with my love and passion of crystals and rocks. I also have a strong connection and knowledge of Native American and indigenous peoples.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Please attend if you are able. This will be a very special meeting. Skuli is back and wants to have a program with all members involved.

Following this meeting Skuli will be going on hiatus and he has some business to place before the church before Summer.

It should be cooler early in the morning and Barry always has refreshments on hand. This will be a very interesting service that you don't want to miss. 

"How can I desire anything by you,
Once having joined you for even a moment
In the bliss of I AM FREE
There is nothing higher, or more sacred than
To be in total union with you."

An excerpted poem from the journal  of Gabriel Cousins
Printed in the book Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet
ISBN 0-96158752-0

Blessings to all,