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Becoming an Angel is the work of humans.


Chrysalis' year begins the first Sunday after Labor Day in September. Services are held each Sunday at 10AM to 12 Noon. There will be no services held during August 2014. First meeting in the fall will be September 7, 2014.

Sunday Services from 10 am to 11:30 am each week
805 Mercer's Fernery Road
DeLand, FL (the white 2 story farm house)
Pastor - Skuli Thorhallsson

For more information or counseling phone (386) 478-9201

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Chrysalis Spiritual Center is a Swedenborg based congregation that studies non-deno
minational topics based on the value of certain writings and speech to society as a whole. Services are frequently presented by guest speakers. No denomination is excluded from meeting with us. We welcome all religions, ages, genders and beliefs.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Schedule for Nov. and Dec. 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Permaculture Plans for Chrysalis

Newsletter November 18: 

Below is a partial dialogue between Chrysalis and Jose M. This all began with an idea that Jose proposed to us about 6 weeks ago. Since that time I have gotten to know Jose and there are some things I would like to tell you. 

Jose is a very talented and creative man with a simple goal and desire and a dedication to reach that goal. This project did not just pop into his head. He has been building background into the workings of permaculture for years. His experience is through "hands on" participation and study. He keeps copious notes of his plans and is always seeing promise around him to apply these ancient methods -- that are having a rebirth at this time.

He is very familiar with tilling in fields, harvesting crops, tending livestock and tenderly preserving the earth's ability to heal herself and provide abundant resources. Jose has documented  his quest with professional photography and video and is a great asset to Chrysalis. His vision and talent are an inspiration and I hope we all catch fire with the desire to transform the Chrysalis property with beauty and abundant love. 

You can help too! Please be supportive of Jose, contributions of even the smallest nature are deeply appreciated. If you read his blog and website you will learn what it takes. (links below) Please mention our efforts to friends and interested parties who might want to donate. Remember us in your prayer circles and Sunday School classes. Include links to our Chrysalis blogs and website in your email correspondence. Share our notices with your circles and friends on FaceBook and other social media. Remember, we already have a board on Pinterest and you can join. Tools are very important, mulch and compost material will be a big help. Finally, tho we never ask anybody to donate cash at our Chrysalis meetings, this might be the time to make sure you give what you can. 

In addition to Jose's work we cannot support the quality of guest speakers we have had without some income. A couple of our speakers refused payment and we appreciate that. When we get the banking problems settled we will set up a PayPal account and place donate buttons on our blogs and website. Until then, we must depend on our core group to keep our vision alive. 

After your read this, please drift down the page to read Jose's letter. Thanks to each and every one of you for the extra effort you have made in the name of love. Chrysalis appreciates it and seems to be smiling when we enter the building. We are ending a beautiful year and heading into an even better one.


Chrysalis, a Swedenborg Fellowship I go to in DeLand, Florida, has giving me permission to start a food forest on the church property!  I will be sharing every step of this process with you all. I will document its development with photos and video.

Right now we are studying different plants such as fruits and other perennials that will grow well in this area.  Meanwhile, we are clearing the dead grasses, trees and branches. Then we cut them down for mulch and saving the hard wood for hugelkulture mounds.

The food forest will be primarily made with plants that are native to Florida. Foreign fruit trees and perennial plants that grow well in this region will also be planted to ensure a full year-round harvest of food. I will focus on making sure each plant is situated at nature intended.

This project is aimed to become a demonstration site for the local community, where people are able to learn permaculture design and principles, participate in co-creation with nature, and are able to obtain food and seeds for trade.

First things first, we are going to look at the land and see what Gaia has been up to.  The property has not been trimmed or mowed in years. So nature has totally taken over the site.  There is a lot that we can learn from it's natural state.  We are seeking counsel from, as well are reaching out to anybody knowledgeable with Florida's flora to help identify the wild plants.

As far as design is concerned, we are contemplating a few water features; a pond or a contour damn as a water harvesting system connected with a series of swales.  I really am attracted to the idea of a pond, because it can serve multiple functions; as a source of fish, possibly prawns and mussels, plants such as blueberries and asparagus can grow on the edges, and plants like American lotus can grow on the pond itself.

The plan is to spread projects like these all around our town so that in the future, if there is ever a food crisis, it wouldn't be much of a crisis because our town would have food security!
I plan on organizing a meetup style 'working group'  with locals of DeLand that are interested in getting dirty by applying permaculture principles of design on their properties. Please contact me if you are interested in turning your yard into a food forest!
If you'd like to support the project at Chrysalis, please check out the wishlist below!
Wish-List    Or you can DONATE and I will ensure the money goes directly to purchasing needed resources such as tools, trees, and/or other plants with long term benefits.
On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 12:43 AM, Jose Mediavilla <> wrote:
A few of my sites:
My Photography:
My Blog:

On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 9:50 AM, Chrysalis <> wrote:
Chrysalis response:
I started a new blog on Wordpress for the Chrysalis Garden projects. The address will be 
You can use this address in the future if you want to or create one of your own. This is a free blogsite, but can be made dedicated for $19 a year. We can share access to this blog when you are ready. There is nothing in it yet. I don't even have the theme set up, just the name.
If you start your blogging I might want to transfer some articles from the "give bees a chance" blog over to your blog and close the BEE blog. That will leave me with the blog that I use for news, programs, articles, and announcements. I also have a lot of graphics I can share with you on my cloud.
If you join Pinterest (free) I can set you up to Pin to the Chrysalis board with Saundra and me.) You can't Pin unless you join Pinterest. It's fun. Get out your camera and video equipment!!!! We are depending on you.
You can always contact me by email or phone if you need anything while at Chrysalis. I am here to help you in any way I can. We feel blessed to have you. It seems as if Spirit has just placed you exactly where you need to be. All the change we are going through could have been very painful and destructive, but I consider it a blessing.
We should be ready to start your permaculture by Dec. 1, 2014

(Laugh Out Loud or Love Of Life)
Nan Sherrill Smith for
Chrysalis Spiritual Center

Monday, November 10, 2014

Escape From The Matrix

See How The Colonization Matrix Works… Do Not Be Further Deceived… World Planetary Ancestral Clearings Now Needed

See How The Matrix Works: If you complain, then you do not fully comprehend… if you fight, then you are not a friend… if you are bitter, then you are not tasting the heart… if you want it to end, then perhaps you haven’t yet started… if you hate, then it is indeed your fate… if you  are not present… then you cannot give nor receive any presents… if you think it doesn’t matter… you’ve thought yourself away from what does… if you act like you are special, then chances are you not… if you are sorry, then you will receive reasons to be more sorry… if you say it cannot done, then chances are you are looking the other way… if you feel you have ‘figured out a limitation is true’, then you have created another layer of the matrix, that you will need to break through…  do not be deceived… each thought… each bit of energy is creating the matrix… every commercial you watch… every breath you take… past life energy imprints are creating the matrix…

One of the ‘blind spots’ for humanity as a whole, is that we are greatly influenced by other people’s thought forms… be careful if you watch television at this time… chances are you have probably gone a little heartless and mindless in your life… it’s that bad right now…

We live the same problems over and over, because either we do not learn the lesson, or we haven’t done the energy clearing… how’s that for a big clue?

Ask all harmful energies to now leave the planet for good… when we are peace right now in this moment, the spirits who are at war, are able to tap into our peace… can you be at peace with illuminati? Yes… the question is… do you have the will to be at peace with those who are not at peace with you?  Yes… the matrix has now shifted where all peacefilled beings are aligning and are thus, creating a big advantage in creating the collective aspect of the matrix.


You have been raising awareness and this is awesome considering the circumstances… however humanity is a bit stuck when it comes to doing ancestral clearings, so old wars are happening over and over in stuck energy… In a state of neutrality… play… and I do mean “play”… balance the adult and the child… play your drum in spirit…  sing your song in spirit… live your heart in spirit.. invoke the new light in spirit… be as free in spirit as possible. There is nothing here to conquer in the higher energies, that are so much more comfortable than the heavy energies… nothing to prove to each other. We prove ourselves to our Creator, in each other’s presence, it is enough. If you want peace… prove to Creator that you are peace… if you want love.. same thing and so on… okay the kicker here… if you do ancestral clearings, the world we are desiring will come to us with full on tribal power… “bring it on” or “yawn”?

Those priests and priestesses who can bring resolution here in earth, and in the etheric world, are to bring in a new world tribe… not a new world order… be free in the light in the moment with spirit… be extra heartful of limiting thoughts… discard any energy that says “it cannot be done”… say to our Creator… Thy will be done… and so it is… when you say something cannot be done, you are in error because you cannot limit Creator… to the world we say it with deep feeling… “I forgive you… I love you… please forgive me… and thank you”… we are together in a moment where there is nothing holding us back, and yet why do the masses hold back? It is the limiting energies… release them on all levels… these profound opportunities, that shall never pass this way ever again… and neither shall we… can you feel our ancestors cheering us on to the finish line… can you see all the enemies of all time… holding hands in the circle… can you not limit the creator within those you do not resonate with? Look… you and me… we are freeing this planet after eons of slavery… let’s give ourselves a break eh? Let’s set our spirits free… it has to be real… we cannot just talk about it… we have proven to be very willful, now we look into the eyes of our Creator and say too with great presence and feeling, “I love you… please forgive me… I thank you… and you rock!”. Indian in the machine

Thank you for calling in a big ancestral planetary clearing… you don’t need a shaman or priestess to do this, though it does help greatly… just as a beginner can unclog a drain, so too can you unclog your own energy blockages, but expertise does definitely help if the house is flooding, and your energy continues to get heavier and he hmmmm?… if you need help with that, there are lots of native spirit beings amongst us, willing to assist…  
Join Facebook Group World Tribal Power Now ReturningPost resonating tribal videos, music, events, workshops, articles… sound healing, drumming, chanting, eco-communities, wise food growing, expressions of collective and individual unity spirit… ancestors, shamanism, experiments and remembrance.

See how life has become so difficult… so expensive… so many insane laws…. that is colonization.. because your ancestors could not help the natives, that is why YOU became colonized too… you were born into the colonization matrix and continued to make it stronger…. if we are done with being somebody’s colonial bitch, then we have to create another matrix… it is easy to do when you know it to be true… just like the natives of north america had their bison taken away…  the general public have had their purer food taken away… if you feel energy is not free, then that is colonization… if you are happy that someone controls you, where you do not want to control yourself, then that is colonization.

Perhaps you truly resonate with the  Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Missionone individual contribution by someone perhaps you, keeps the blog open for business another day for everyone.   
Indian in the machine http://www.indianinthemachine.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Swedenborg Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy and Theology

The Swedenborgian Church bases its teachings on the Bible as illuminated by the works of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish scientist, inventor, and theologian who made significant discoveries in many of the natural sciences, including astronomy, anatomy, geology, and mineralogy.

At age fifty-five, his intensive search for answers to ultimate questions culminated in an awakening that gave him a unique insight into the workings of the spiritual world. Swedenborg envisioned a new Christianity coming into being, revitalized by the Spirit of the Lord. He spent the remainder of his life writing about his experiences and how human beings can come to a deeper awareness of the divine.
Swedenborg's ideas have influenced people as diverse as Helen Keller, Johnny Appleseed, William Blake, Henry James, Ralph Waldo Emerson, D.T. Suzuki, Jorge Luis Borges, and Dr. Mehmet Oz. The continuing appeal of his thought undoubtedly lies in his insights into the afterlife, concepts of divine love, and focus on personal and social development.

We believe that there is one God, known by many names. We worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and our God. The Christian trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are aspects of God just as soul, body, and activities are aspects of each one of us.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. In its pages we find two parallel stories: the historical account of people, places, and events; and within that account a deeper, spiritual reflection of our individual journeys. Thus the Bible is alive and fresh today, speaking to us directly and personally about our spiritual growth, and showing us the way to live better and more fulfilling lives.
We believe that people are spirits clothed with material bodies. At death our material body is put aside and we continue living in the spiritual world in our inner, spiritual body, according to the kind of life we have chosen while here on earth.

We believe that religion touches all areas of our lives. Our responsibility is to put what we believe into practice in our daily lives. All who do this, of whatever faith, are saved since they are living in the spirit of Christ's name.

The Swedenborgian Church exists to help people be more open to the Lord's presence and leading, to facilitate the spiritual well-being of people, and to work to further awareness of the new age in which we live. A haven for seekers who share Swedenborg's quest for a religion that interconnects with all of life, and for a system that allows reasoned questioning of life's deepest religious issues, the Swedenborgian Church encourages inquiry, respect for differences, and acceptance of other traditions of life and religion.

Swedenborg shared in his theological writings a view of God as infinitely loving and at the very center of our being, a view of human life as a continual rebirthing as we participate in our own creation, a view of the Bible as a story of inner-life stages as we learn and grow, a conviction that life continues - following the transition we call death - to an eternity of growing fulfillment, and a central commitment to live so as to help other people.

We invite you to participate with us as we deepen our inner life and spiritual journey.
Our Affirmation of Faith
We worship the one God, our Savior Jesus Christ:
Creator, Redeemer, Regenerator; who brings us
into being, frees us from evils, and seeks to give us
the full humanity for which we have been created. Today the Lord comes to us anew in the spiritual
understanding of the Holy Word. With its enlightenment
and renewal of life, this disclosure is the Second
Coming in Spirit, making possible a new and larger
life as we love God in all people.

So far as we honor the Lord in worship and in life
as the visible God in whom is the invisible Divine,
we walk in the light of the Holy City, New Jerusalem.
Recommended Introductory Reading
Please visit our Bookstore & Free Downloads page. A Scientist Explores Spirit: A Biograhy of Emanuel Swedenborg,
with Key Concepts of His Theology

By George F. Dole & Robert H. Kirven
Further Studies
Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg translated by George F. Dole The Design of Existence by Wilson Van Dusen
The Essential Swedenborg by Sig Synnestvedt
Advanced Studies
Emanuel Swedenborg: Visionary Savant in the Age of Reason by Ernst Benz The New Church in the New World by Marguerite Block
Download Wilson Van Dusen's Chapter on Advanced Swedenborgian Theology.